Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Experimenting with simple 3 point lighting in 3DsMax. Quite interesting but I think I'll stick to Cinema 4Ds render engine until I'm more able with this one. It looks promising though!

Remote Control Car

I created this RC Car in the space of an hour as a test to see how quickly and efficiently I can model. I am hoping to bring the finished model in to UDK and replace the existing vehicle mesh in UDK with my own (to keep the same animation mechanics). I used edge loops and box modelling to achieve this.

3D Character Modelling

This model was produced in the space of 3 hours using a 3D character reference, I have created the hand seperately as it was easier to do so and then merge the two models together. I enjoyed using a single mesh for the main part as it forced me to think ahead of how I would set up the verts and polys.

UV Mapping SAS Head

I have used cylindrical unwrapping and seam-unwrapping to unwrap this model. I have combined certain areas of the mesh to increase space for more detail areas of the model, and also ensured all surfaces are not distorted or stretched.

3D Head Model

This model was produced from 3D reference material, it was interesting to do the bags under his eyes and the wrinkles from his cheeks.

Cowboy Hat

Quick go at speed modelling for my cowboy project, using a basic cylinder to start with and ensuring the segment count was an equal number to start with.

Ear Model

This was produced from looking at various photos of ears to get the depth of the ear correct. I have shown a version with turbosmoothing on and without (in game poly count).

Alternative Modelling

This was using an alternative method of sculpting which involved carving in to a 3D plane and extruding shapes from that.

3D Head Topology Using Edge Loops

This was referenced from a pre-3D womans head, using the same process again (edge loops).

For my own personal work I am creating a game that involves a plastic cowboy as the main character, so I have tried to go for a 'plastic' shaped look, and I have used the 3D female head as the base. I made the male features more prominent such as the forehead, large jaw and nose protruding more. This model has also been UV unwrapped in Max.

Eye Modelling with Edge Loops

Here I have produced the topology of an eye by using reference images and also sculpting around an eye ball shaped sphere. I feel it helps to have something physical behind the eye when sculpting. I have used the edge loop method to achieve the concentric circles.

Topology Analysis in Photoshop

After studying muscle structures of the human face, I have overlaid line drawings of how I believe the generalised structure of the topology should be on a 3D version of each face.