Monday, 16 April 2012

Freelance work - Interior Design

 I created this work for a café in the Northern Quarter area of Manchester, they we're building a new addition to their current café and asked me to mock up the architects plans and they with the help of the staff mock-up what they wanted. I have also ensured all textures are to scale, going to the details of ensuring the carpet repeats perfect to the cm and is rotated correctly to the wall.

Character Finished Model - Turnaround

Texture Maps (UVs Hidden) these have not been optimised to use optimal space yet because the model is using sub-objects, if it were to go in to a real game I could squeeze them all in to a 2048x2048 texture and align all the UVs:


Character Development

Various stages through my design process, I have modelled the character using 3DsMax and Cinema 4D. I used Photoshop for the digital concept of how I wanted the clothing style to look before I dived straight in to the UV-Texturing so I could get a better idea of the whole picture. I've tried to keep the polycount low and taken consideration for post-rigging of the model so the mesh would deform correctly.

Anatomy study based of the initial reference images I used to model the basic geometry, I have gone in to ZBrush to deform the mesh more organically and realistically. I can apply the displacement map and normal map generated from this high poly version on to the lower poly version which I will use.

Self initiated project - Rendering & Texturing

Self Initiated Project - Development

In my own time I decided to improve my modelling skills and also see how quickly and effectively I could produce an array of different models. I set myself the task of reproducing my Kitchen to exact measurements including producing all the textures and UV mapping the models. Here is a selection of images showing the progress, I also wanted to make the environment playable within UDK (which I managed) and to use the cowboy I created earlier as the player controlled character.

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