Thursday, 6 October 2011

Skip - 3DsMax Development

I was tasked with developing a skip from a primitive box today in 3DsMax using a variety of newly learned tools. The most used of these so far has been extrude, inlet, hinge, bevel, align X Y Z and slicing. I've been learning a lot of useful things myself along the way such as selective slicing and merging polygons in either point or edge mode.

Here is the finished render of my skip, I have also provided a reference photo that I took outside my accomodation on the way home. I think its important to note because of the way I set the UV map up, it reverses the texture on the opposite side as it is symmetrical, so I have chosen letters/numbers which will appear the same whether they are flipped or not. ( I will post shots of the actual polygon wireframe once I have access to 3DsMax again )

H I created a small environment to place the 3D skip so it didn't seem out of place or floating, I believe this helps bring believability to the object and can sometimes bring out flaws in the design. Here is the texture I created for the ground, and also the UV Map and texture for the skip. (I unwrapped it in Cinema 4D)

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