Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Character Development - Backstory


Correna Elite is a warrior from the Old Realm, she has fought in battlefields across countless regions of the scar ridden ancient lands. She fights alone now, a formidable hunter and an assassin when needed by close friends and allies.

I have decided a list of things that could possibly be added to accessorize Correna, which are both practical and visually exciting.

Fur/Leather patterns and fabrics - This gives a sense of strength and stature to the character, and also explicitly shows she is a hunter and she is proud of it.

Blood Splatters? - Perhaps this would show she is never long from a fight or the action, fresh blood gives the feeling that she has just won a fight.

Hunting Knife - Practical weapon which should be close to hand and visible to enemies, possibly strapped to her thigh or hips and attached by some form of leather or string?

Utility Belt - This would be a perfect addition and add more interest to her mid-section. It makes sense to have a variety of things carried by her at any given time as she is a hunter and would need different tools in different situations (such as snaring).

Boomerang? - I like the idea of this, I saw a weapon in RAGE recently that looked awesome, it was a 3 sided boomerang and it was used as a reusable weapon and visually looked great.

Bare skin - Parading bare skin represents she has vulnerabilities but at the same time shows she is not afraid, that she doesn't need to rely on armour for protection. This could also work against me though as I have been researching a great deal in to female armour. Basically if I were to do a female in full metal medieval armour, there is not historical evidence to suggest it should need a clear indication on the main platebody of a cleavage. It turns out if the design did include a bevelled in piece for the cleavage, the sword if stabbed directly towards someone wearing it, would be channeled towards the centre of the chest (sternum) and pierce right through due to the weakness in the design. For this reason, bare skin might seem to be a bad idea.

Art Deco/Renaissance Art Style? - It'd be great to have some historical influence on the actual visual design of the clothing, but this may be something I research greater in the second term where I will be creating and texturing the 3D model.

Colours - Specifically Browns/Greens/Blues would be ideal as it would blend with surroundings and also reflects nature, which relates in turn to the whole concept of a hunter.

I apologise this isn't like a story and why the character is the way she is, I just prefer to list out what and why she would need specific items or inclusions in her design.

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