Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Character Development - Final Character Turn-Around

The character turn around I have ended up with is an amalgamation of a lot of my ideas together. As you can see from the blog progress I skipped ahead initially and jumped right in with the 3D design element (not realizing we will be doing that all next term!). I had it in my head I wanted to create a female character as its something I've not particularly focused on before and it'd be great to push myself. 

This has carried through in to the final design of this project which I have decided will also be a female. I have produced this initially by sketching, piecing together parts referenced from my own previous sketches and then redrawn in Adobe Photoshop. Finally I have exported this to Adobe Illustrator and produced a vector image of the sketch which improves the quality of the line work.

I have left out the weapons/ammunition on purpose as it is something I feel I would add after the character design, I know I will want a bow and a backpack to store the arrows in.

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